For one hundred years, Kellogg was proud of it’s Mining and Milling Heritage. Kellogg’s Bunker Hill mine and smelter was known world wide as a leader in it’s field. Then the unthinkable happened. Bunker Hill shut it’s mine and smelter down, throwing thousands of men out of work.

The town, wanting to change it’s image, adopted an Alpine theme and built a gondola to the top of the Jack Ass Ski Bowl, renamed it Silver Mountain; changed Jack Ass Gulch to Jacob’s Gulch, etc. etc. etc.

But there are among us, people who believe that putting a duck in a chicken house and calling “chick-chick” will not change things. It is still a duck! It is still a chicken house.

“People without a history is like wind through the grass.” – Sioux proverb
Mining is our Heritage